2003-2004 Regular Season Schedule

The regular season will entail NFL weeks 1-13 and each team will play a total of 18 Head-to-Head games during that time. Weeks 2, 5, 7, 9, and 11 are the Double-header weeks. Each franchise will play division teams twice (Home / Away) plus 2 other random divisional match-ups with random locations. You will also have 8 games outside your division (4 Home / 4 Away). This format should offer even more excitement this year, just imagine after week 2, your team could be 3-0 or 0-3 with 15 games to go!


Here are the Divisions for 2003:

American Fantasy Conference (A.F.C.)

National Fantasy Conference (N.F.C.)

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  1. Baton Rouge Barracudas
  2. Las Vegas Venoms
  3. Motorcity Maniacs
  4. Tahoe Sharks
  5. Meadowland Marauders
  1. D.C. Sewer Rats
  2. Millersville Mudslingers
  3. Los Gatos Mountain Doggs
  4. Park City Pirates
  5. Jersey Intimidators
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2003 Post-season Schedule: Legend Bowl Championship

At the end of week 13, we will begin the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs will have the 2 and 3 seeds in each division playing head-to-head. The top seed in each division will have a bye this week and are automatically in their divisions’ championship game. The winner from the first round will play the number one seed the following week to see who will represent the division in the Legend Bowl. The Legend Bowl will be played during week 16. Home teams will receive the 5 point bonus during the playoffs (except for the Legend Bowl).


Week 14: Divisional Playoffs

Number 3 seed at Number 2 seed – AFC                                      Number 3 seed at Number 2 seed – NFC                            Bye week: Number 1 seed – AFC and NFC


Week 15: Divisional Championships

Winner from Divisional Round at Number 1 seed – AFC                                                                                          Winner from Divisional Round at Number 1 seed - NFC

Week 16: The Legend Bowl

AFC Champion vs. NFC Champion

2003 Post-season Schedule:  Draft Selection Championship
At the end of week 13, we will begin the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs will have the 4 and 5 seeds in each division playing head-to-head. The winner from this game will play the winner from the other division the following week with the winner receiving the overall pick in both drafts next year. The losing team will receive the second overall pick. The two teams that are eliminated the previous week will be slotted in the third and fourth spots by way of our tie breaker system.
Week 14: Divisional Playoffs

Number 5 seed at Number 4 seed – AFC                                                                                                                                        Number 5 seed at Number 4 seed – NFC 

Week 15: Draft Selection Championship
AFC Winner  vs. NFC Winner

Week 17: The Probowl

Once the playoffs begin, each conference should vote on who they want to use in the Probowl game. You must select a complete starting roster from only the five team rosters in your conference. The number one seed from each division will act as the team captain. Your starting players will then need to be submitted to the commissioner no later than the Legend Bowl game (week 16). I will then move the elected players from each team’s roster to the 6th team in each division. These teams will be the AFC and NFC Probowl teams. The week 17 schedule will then have these two teams go head-to-head and there will be no home field advantage for this game. Each team captain will be required to enter a starting line-up for this week, the commissioner will provide the password one week prior to the game.

Probowl Rosters
The following player positions must be filled (voted to Probowl) on each All-star team: 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 1 TE, 2 OT, 2 PK, 6 DL, 5 LB, 6 DB, 2 XP
Each conference will be required to submit the exact same starting line-up: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 OT, 4 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB, 1 XP
The team captain may select the starters themselves (must be from the elected player pool) or they can request assistance from fellow conference members. The idea here is to defeat the rival conference.

The Draft

The 2003 draft will begin on Saturday August 2nd with the first team on the clock starting at 12 noon. Each team will have up to 12 hours to make a selection. Please remember that you can pre-draft your selections, otherwise your pick will be skipped. Trading draft picks is allowed during the entire draft and the draft will consist of 40 rounds. Let’s all try and do our best to keep the draft moving as well will be selecting approximately 400 players. If you are new to the league, please refer to the online tutor that My Fantasy League offers. If you still have questions, please contact me directly.



Once the draft is complete, the waiver system will be activated. With the switch to a head-to-head schedule, the waiver system will change as well. This new system will entail an auction type format. Each owner will have a bank of $100 to bid/ sign free agents during the season. To do this you will select the free agent you want to acquire along with specifying the player you will drop if you win the bid. Let’s say your bidding on free agent Kurt Warner, you select Warner and then the player you plan to release (Brian Griese). You enter a bid of $20. Once you submit your bid, everyone will see that Warner has a pending bid from your team for $20. If know one bids more than $20 by the time the bid window closes (24 hrs.), you will receive that player and the total amount you bid will be deducted from your bank. Be aware that someone can come in and outbid you in the final minutes with a bid of just $1 more! So keep an eye on your bids. If you run out of money, you can only place $0 bids. All bids must be in whole dollars. All dropped players will need to clear a waiver window of 24 hours before returning to the bidding system.


Injured Reserve

Owners will have an unlimited injured reserve roster at their disposal. A player must be listed as either: Questionable, Doubtful, or Out to be placed on the inactive list. To reactivate a player, you must have an open roster spot. Once the site updates players’ status he can be moved to the IR. A player on IR cannot be voted to the Probowl and must remain on the IR for a full seven days before being re-activated.


Starting Line-ups

Owners are responsible for entering a starting line-up each week of the season. If you fail to enter a line-up without notifying the league office (either by email or by telephone), your franchise will be penalized by the committee. If you fail to do this any 2 weeks during the season, your team will be orphaned. If you plan to be away, please notify me and I will personally enter a line-up for you. With the new head-to-head schedule, it’s even more important than ever because you don’t want to give away a win which might cost you or another team a playoff spot!


Home Field Advantage

During the regular season and the playoffs, each home game you play, you will receive a 5-point bonus as your home field advantage over the visiting team. Points will be added at 1pm on Sundays. Every team will play 8 home games during the regular season.



During the regular season, you are allowed to trade players for players and/ or future draft picks (veteran and rookie). The last week any trades can be performed will be week 13, which is the end of the regular season. Once you have reached an agreeable compensation with another team, the trade must be entered into the system and approved by both parties. In order for the trade to pass, it requires a minimum of 5 “yes” votes from the league excluding the two parties involved in the trade and the Commissioner. The Commissioner will only vote if the trade reaches a deadlock. If the trade is a vote or two short and the trading teams wish to use the new player in the coming week, they can notify the league office and the Commissioner will review the trade. All pending trades will be posted on our private league site so they can be voted on.


Competition Committee

This group will be comprised of three team owners, so I need volunteers (Hint). One person will act as the chairman and the remaining two will be league officials. The duties of the committee will be to determine draft pick compensation for keeper trades (1st, 2nd or 3rd round). To ensure all teams are playing fairly under the current rules and to impose penalties to teams that violate league rules such as: lose of draft picks, ineligible for playoffs, etc. The committee can also look for ways to improve the league by suggesting changes to the rules or scoring.


Tie Breaker System

In the event of a tie, we will use the following sequence in determining a winner. This system will be used to break ties during the playoffs (game will be listed as an OT victory), and for teams which have equal bids during free agency.

Ø       Overall Record in this order (Power Points, Overall W-L-T)
Ø       Conference Record
Ø       Total Points Scored
Ø       Least Total Points Allowed



  Power Point Scoring System TM

Head-to-Head matchups are exciting, but can be unfair. I’m sure some of you have seen in other leagues where a team with a very high point total does not make the playoffs. Now, you would think that a high scoring team would be a lock to make the post season, but it’s not always true. A high scoring team can loose 2 or more games during the regular season when they scored the second highest points. This is where the “luck” factor comes into play. This new system should reduce or eliminate those weeks where you have a great week but that one team that could beat you does.

- Each week you play head-to-head as the schedule dictates. A win awards your team with 2 power points. A tie 1 power point, and a loss no points.
Each week, the teams are ordered by fantasy points scored during the week. Power points are also awarded for having high scores. See the scoring chart below:

Highest Scoring Team    2 points
2nd    2 points
3rd    2 points
4th    1 point
5th    1 point
6th    1 point
7th    1 point
8th    0 points
9th    0 points
Lowest Scoring Team    0 points

If you get the second highest score and lose, you still get 2 power points! That nice high score is no longer wasted.

The top 3 power point teams from each division will advance to the playoffs. Power point rankings will be posted on the MFL homepage
Playoff games will be based solely on the head-to-head matchup.


Franchise Players & Keepers

Beginning with this year’s draft, you will select one veteran NFL player as your franchise player. By signing this player to a franchise contract, he will remain under contract forever, so choose your player carefully, as the system will be geared to make yearly changes difficult. In the years that follow, the final 3 rounds of the draft will be for the selection of NFL rookies. No veteran players can be selected in rounds 38 –40, if a player is selected that is not a rookie, the player will be removed from that teams roster at the completion of the rookie draft. It is from this group that you will add your next keeper to your franchise. We will continue to hold a rookie draft the final 3 rounds each year in an effort to build towards a Dynasty league. Keeper players have fewer restrictions on them and can be traded as long as a 1st, 2nd,  or 3rd round pick is part of the deal. By trading for another team’s keeper, you can add this player to your keeper list if you choose to do so. You must notify the league office once the trade is processed so the transaction can be recorded. You must also notify the league office if you plan to keep any traded keepers so I can update the site so that player is not returned to the player pool at the end of the season.


Fantasy Drafts

The 2003-fantasy draft will be the last one in which we hold a draft lottery. Beginning with the 2004 season, the draft order will be based on the final 2003 standings. If you fall to make the playoffs, you are guaranteed to have a top 4 selection in both the veteran draft and the rookie draft the following year. Teams that make the playoffs, your position will be based on how far you advance. The teams that are eliminated in each round will be seated for the following year based on our tie-breaking system.


Team Web Pages

If you have any information that you would like to see on your team page, please submit any changes to me via email. Clearly state what you want to change and/or add. I will be updating all web pages (private and MFL) throughout the season. All owners will have a large, full color picture of your franchise player wearing your fantasy teams’ colors and helmet. All keeper players will be listed on your page along with player stats. If you’re new to the league and need to learn more about the MFL website, please refer to the on-line tutorial that MFL offers. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Starting Offensive Lineup (9 Starters)

You must start the following each week on Offense: 1 Quarterback, 1 Runningback, 1 Wide Receiver, 1 Tight End, 1 Offensive Line, and 1 Place Kicker
You can add 3 additional players from your RB and WR positons: 1 RB, 2 WR - 2 RB, 1 WR - 3 RB, 0 WR - 0 RB, 3 WR.

Starting Defensive Lineup (12 Starters)

You must start the following each week on Defense: 3 Defensive Linemen, 3 Linebackers, 4 Defensive Backs, and 1 Punter
You can add 1 additional player from your DL or LB positions: 1 DL or 1 LB - this will give you either a 3-4 or a 4-3 alignment.
2003-2004 NFL Playoff Fantasy Season

As soon as we complete the Probowl, the draft will begin with each team having a 12 hour window to make a selection. A NFL player will be allowed on (2) rosters before he is removed from the selection process. We will use a total points system to determine a NFL Playoff Champion using our regular season scoring catagories. As players are eliminated from the playoffs, you will need to restock your team via the waiver wire. The ww will be a little different during the playoffs. After each round of the playoffs the ww will be activated and the selection order will go from worst to first. So, if you are the lowest scoring team at the end of the wildcard round, you will have first crack at replacing a player. This will only hold true from Monday thru Wednesday and come Thursday, every team will be able to perform waivers on a first come - first serve bases.


Starting Offensive Lineup (5 Starters)

1 Quarterback   1 Runningback   1-2 Wide Receiver(s)   0-1 Tight End   1 Kicker


Starting Defensive Lineup (3 Starters)

1 Defensive Lineman   1 Linebacker   1 Defensive back


Bench Players

Any 2 Players

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